The ultimate eco-friendly camping tent for festivals and events


As a festival organiser, you want to offer a camping experience that is quick to set up and comfortable so that festival goers can get on with enjoying your awesome event. But you’re also aware of the massive ecological footprint after the crowds go home: abandoned tents, difficult to recycle, taking up time and expense. We understand this and have designed a range of festival tents with you, the organiser, festival goers and the environment in mind.


Give festival goers a simple, spacious, hassle-free and safer campsite so they can enjoy the main event.


Imagine pitching 1000 air beam tents in one day with 4 people, and dismantling and packing again at the same speed.


Worry less about maintenance and end-of-life with our minimalist design and easy-to-recycle materials.


Create a profitable revenue stream with rental tents that can outlast poorly constructed tents over 10 times.

Up to 30% of tents are abandoned at festival sites, yet festival goers say that they want to support environmental initiatives and greener events. Let’s make the behavioural shift happen.

Now available in the UK

Sheltercare International launched with Europe’s Festitent in 2014. Organisers have found that a well-designed reusable tent is an alternative that not only provides extra rental income but also a safer, more effective use of space and substantially lower environmental impact. New in 2016 is a budget-friendly, biodegradable, single-use Fling Tent for mass camping events.
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The Q-Range is Sheltercare’s original innovation: a singly-fly tent that is speedy to pitch, clean and dismantle. Improved single-wall technology with comfort of double-wall tent. Multi-year use, then easy to recycle/downcycle. Ideal for rental at mass events.
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A self-supportive, air beam tent that is spacious inside but takes up a small outside footprint. Pitches in 30 seconds. Rugged and wind resistant, few pegs required. Option to customise with event banner or logo. Designed for two but easily fits three people.
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A self-supportive, air beam two-room tent with vestibule large enough for a small table with chairs. Rugged and wind resistant, few pegs required. Optional upgrade to Silent Range, reducing sound by 30 dB. Fits four people or transforms into a spacious two-person villa.
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The first budget biodegradable tent is now available! Taking up very little storage space and weight, these tents are made with a single PEVA fabric that leaves no micro plastics in the waste stream. Quick to pitch, customisable with logo & colours, and fits two people.

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